Sugar gum milling in demand

With its sweet-sounding name, sugar gum is the sweetheart of Australian timbers and so popular that sugar gum milling is staple work at The Lismore Timber Mill.

Originally a popular choice with European settlers as windbreaks on open plains, sugar gum, Eucalyptus cladocalyx, has proven itself the all-rounder of Australian hardwoods, as demonstrated in the overhaul of an iconic heritage building in Melbourne.

Acclaimed shoe company Birkenstock Australia has built new headquarters in Clifton Hill and the environmentally conscious HQ includes timber features comprising beautiful sustainably sourced sugar gum.

It’s attractive but tough and suits most applications involving timber. From firewood, furniture and flooring¬† through to heavy construction, sugar gum is the pick of the timber bunch. Being termite resistant is another bonus and is just another of the many reasons sugar gum is an obvious choice for Australian building projects.

High-profile buildings such as the Birkenstock HQ can only enhance sugar gum’s growing nationwide reputation and appeal but there’s also another bonus in sugar gum’s ever-growing appeal. As sugar gum’s popularity takes root and flourishes, the pressure on some of Australia’s traditional hardwood species diminishes.

Another bonus of increasing demand for sugar gum is that there is also a growing need for sugar gum timber mills to process the timber. The Lismore Timber Mill has responded to that need by making sugar gum milling one of its core services and our plantations of sustainably grown sugar gum ensure we always have product available.

We predict sugar gum’s popularity is only going to continue to grow and we’d encourage anybody interested in finding out more about this Australian native to contact The Lismore Timber Mill and ask about its varied and wide applications.

And if you’re really keen on seeing how good sugar gum looks in as a building material, maybe check out the Birkenstock HQ next time you’re in Melbourne. You’ll be impressed.