Custom timber milling services

Australian sustainable timber mill

The Lismore Timber Mill provides its custom milling services to a variety of external companies which require timber dressing but do not have the necessary equipment. Prominent among the mill’s contract clients are businesses which require a sawmill with the ability to cut recycled wharf timber, renowned for its toughness and for taking its toll on saws and mill equipment. Other leading contract clients include companies with an environmental conscience seeking to work with an sustainable and eco-friendly timber mill.

Our milling techniques and services have appeal wide appeal across a range of industries and sectors. Our clients range from professionals in the construction industry, including leading architects and builders specialising in bespoke designs and custom furniture-makers, through to landscape gardeners, timber artisans and amateur woodworkers.

We have specialised millers on site and can offer the following services:

  • Contract timber sawing
  • De-nailing
  • Timber grading
  • Packing, strapping and wrapping
  • Racking
  • Air drying
  • Delivery

Combining its many years’ experience in the industry with an investment in resources and equipment, The Lismore Timber Mill is a leading Australian sustainable timber mill for a reason. The wide range of modern equipment we use for our custom milling services ensures quality products.

The Lismore Timber Mill goes to great lengths to satisfy its clients and deliver premium products at reasonable rates. We are committed to safe workplace practises and site management and have in place systems which ensure we fulfil client expectations and encourage repeat business.

Please contact The Lismore Timber Mill to inquire about our milling services or our products. As well as providing custom milling, we are also market-leading recycled timber and sugar gum timber suppliers and wholesalers.