Recycled timber wholesaler and suppliers

The Lismore Timber Mill is a committed recycled timber wholesaler and supplier. Complementing its focus on sugar gum timber milling, the business also dedicates much of its resources into gathering recycled timber from deconstructed marinas and wharfs and other structures.

Recycled marine and wharf timber

Recycled marine timbers are highly desired Australia-wide for their hardiness, durability and aesthetic appeal. We primarily source timber from marine structures throughout Victoria and NSW and further afield where possible. We target wharf timbers because of the exceptional qualities they display and develop while enduring the extreme environmental conditions of marine and coastal locations.

The Lismore Timber Mill has been involved in wharf construction and deconstruction for more than a decade and consequently has numerous industry connections providing access to recycled wharf timber and timber from other marine structures.

Much of the appeal of wharf timbers lies in their strength and durability. However it is this very toughness which can deter some sawmillers from working with reclaimed and recycled wharf timber. The Lismore Timber Mill’s KARA Master sawmill is specifically equipped to cut hardwoods. The saw’s power and versatility also makes it in demand from other Victorian companies seeking custom timber milling services for their recycled timber.

Recycled timber wholesaler and supplier

The Lismore Timber Mill is recycled timber supplier and wholesaler for a range of timbers including:

  • Recycled messmate timber
  • Recycled Queensland turpentine timber
  • Recycled yellow stringybark
  • Recycled blackbutt timber
  • Recycled spotted gum timber
  • Recycled ironbark timber
  • Recycled tallowood timber

Whether a client is seeking recycled wharf timber steeped in history or timber from a specific species, The Lismore Timber Mill has recycled timber in varying sizes and unique characteristics and we are sure to have recycled timber stock to suit your next project.

Recycled timber is known for its strength and durability and is also an eco-friendly choice. Make the right choice and get in touch with leading Australian recycled timber wholesaler and supplier The Lismore Timber Mill by callingĀ 0400 626 182 or contacting us online.