Sugar gum timber milling

The Lismore Timber Mill specialises in sustainable timbers, most notably green sawn sugar gum timber sourced from the sawmill’s plantations in the Western District of Victoria. Sugar gum is a particularly popular timber choice for builders, furniture makers and landscapers because the timber’s blonde-to-tan colouring makes it visually attractive and it is exceptionally durable, largely because of the wood’s density and interlocking grain.

Sugar gum has become one of the preferred timber options in Australia when both appearance and strength are crucial, and consequently sugar gum is becoming highly sought after for decking, floor boards and cladding, joinery and furniture making.

Sugar gum can produce an outstanding finish on feature timber pieces and responds beautifully to waxing and other treatments. Its ability to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling also makes sugar gum an ideal option for external structures such as fencing pickets, decks and patios, garden furniture and landscaping construction. There’s a very good reason the CSIRO rates sugar gum the best choice of Victoria’s native hardwoods.

As a strategically focused sugar gum timber mill responding to growing demand for eco-friendly timbers amid diminishing supplies of traditional hardwoods, The Lismore Timber Mill has dedicated a significant proportion of its resources to sugar gum. Our stocks include plantations approaching 100 years in age and we adhere closely to sustainability principles that ensure the regeneration and continuity of our sugar gum supplies into the future.

Sugar gum timber suppliers and wholesalers

The Lismore Timber Mill is an established and market-leading sugar gum supplier and wholesaler in Victoria, with the right people, equipment and resources to fulfil orders quickly and efficiently. We are also leading providers of recycled timber and messmate and provide a variety of custom timber milling services to clients in a cross-section of industries.

To find out more about The Lismore Timber Mill’s sugar gum milling or other timber mill products and services, please contact us online or call 0400 626 182.