Sustainable timber milling

The Lismore Timber Mill is proud to be a sustainable timber mill abiding by relevant industry standards and eco-friendly timber requirements.

As sustainable timber suppliers and wholesalers it is crucial we source timber responsibly, consequently much of our sugar gum timber milling is ethically sourced. The Lismore Timber Mill has international experience in the timber industry and agribusiness qualifications which emphasise our understanding of the need for environmentally responsible timber harvesting. We believe in setting standards for eco-friendly and sustainable practices within the industry, not only because it is good for our business, but because it is also the right thing to do.

The Lismore Timber Mill is committed to responsible forestry and ensures our timber harvesting systems are balanced and lasting.

Eco-friendly timber suppliers & wholesaler

The Lismore Timber Mill recognises the importance of recycling to protect the world’s forests, and we are are committed recycled timber suppliers and wholesalers, particularly of timber from wharfs and other marine structures. We are also recycled timber suppliers and wholesalers of messmate, iron bark, tallowood, blackbutt, turpentine timber, stringybark, spotted gum and other species, including messmate.

Lismore Timber Mill’s timber milling is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and, as we’re proving, economically viable.

Please contact The Lismore Timber Mill to find out more about our commitment to responsible timber harvesting and milling and our range of  products and services.